Ir Arriba


Our office is located in the Centro Internacional de Cirugía Plástica Avanzada (CIPLA), a prestigious clinic specializing in plastic and cosmetic surgery, which also has multiple medical and surgical specialties, as well as hotel and spa features within their premises order to provide patients with the best service, located in La Esperilla Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

A modern building with 5 levels, with quality finishing, elegant lobby, elevators, spacious and comfortable rooms, and secure covered parking, hotel service and a trained and qualified to meet your needs.

CIPLA is an institution dedicated to providing specialized care services in the area of health and physical beauty. Whose main specialty is Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and patients recommend their services nationally and internationally.

Their mission and vision is to offer patients the best service in the country Aesthetic Clinic. Thus achieving the needs in general medicine and staff in a highly professional environment, adding to the letter to help you be happier, naturally, since no artificial beauty, honesty, because transparency is the best investment long-term liability as a platform of excellence.